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Eastern Massachusetts Woman's Lacrosse Umpiring Association

NEW Official Clinics

Junior Official Clinics

Returning Juniors, WELCOME BACK.  As you know, each year you must take a course, which usually consists of taking 3 classes and getting on the field.  In addition, being a current member of USL and passing the youth test.  

NEW prospective Junior Umpires should keep reading!

EMWLUA Junior Umpire Clinics (listed below) are for prospective umpires under 18 years old and who want to umpire youth games (not high school games). These clinics include 6 hours of classroom instruction in 3 class sessions. We will train you on the basics of lacrosse umpiring through classroom and on-the-field training. Based on your age and your field rating you will be able to umpire girls youth lacrosse games on Sundays in April, May and June and possibly at the various league Jamborees in June.

The first step to becoming a women's lacrosse official is to attend a New Umpire Clinic. 

Upcoming New Official Clinics

  • There are no Clinics scheduled at this time.

Eastern Massachusetts Women's Lacrosse Umpiring Association

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